Mark Vearrier
3D Artist - Art Director for Interactive and Film 

Welcome to my online portfolio

Here you will find a collection of various and sundry digital work of mine done through the decades. I know there is way too much and I need to trim some. So please, don't get bored

I am a game industry vet since 1990 with varied and growing skills, talent and experience. Focused mainly on Lead and Art Director roles with tons of freelance/contract experience between gigs.

Leading a team and developing art production pipelines. 
Managing internal and external production.
Asset Creation

RoosterTeeth RWBY - Environment/Character Lighting

Set Lighting with RedShift for Maya and Pencil+ for the cell/line work

Origin Systems (EA) Wing Commander...

Set Lighting - Asset Creation - Animation - FX for Prophecy WC 3 & 4 and Silverheart

Really old reel

Some examples of cinematics from days past

Faxion Online 

Set Lighting - Asset Creation 


Set Lighting - Asset Creation - Animation - UI design for various projects including Big Buck Hunter, Lucky Duck Slots...

Hell On Wheels

Characters and Vehicles from an unpublished Biker Gang game

Kahramaa WaterPark Attraction - PreViz 

Lighting and Environment creation for Dome Theater and Dark Ride 

Grab Bag Catch All

Collection of work from a wide range of projects including RuneBlade, Golden Eye2, Deus Ex, Stubbs the Zombie and stuff I need to categorize later at some point

Mark Vearrier

Art Director - 3D Artist - Leader

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